Joining Amount
200 Rs/-
Binary 2:1 or 1:2 Rs.100/-
2nd Pair Onwards 1:1 Rs.100/-
Two Cut off Per day
  Timing 12am to 12pm, 12pm to 12am,
Capping 5 pair per cut off.
Daily capping 10 pair
Level Income 5.Rs/- per ID up to 11 level
Level No. Of User x Rupees Income
LEVEL 1 2X5 10
LEVEL 2 4X5 20
LEVEL 3 8X5 40
LEVEL 4 16X5 80
LEVEL 5 32X5 160
LEVEL 6 64X5 320
LEVEL 7 128X5 640
LEVEL 8 256X5 1280
LEVEL 9 512X5 2560
LEVEL 10 1024X5 5120
LEVEL 11 2048X5 10240
Bank transfer minimum amount of Rs.500/-.
Pin Transfer id to id
Daily Closing in two time
Admin Charges Deductin 10 %
Tds Deduction 10 %. ( without pancard TDS will be 20% )
Payment automatic transferred in bank a/c on Monday to Wednesday . in spite of Payment automatic transferred in bank a/c
Matching incentive will be calculate Daily.
Lavel incentive will be calculate daily
Award & Rewards calculate Monthly.
Same Name seven pot id only one pan card no.One User.( for Reward & Award )
Every 5th pair payout will be dedected. For Pv Matching Income maintenance & reward -award
The company reserves the right to withdraw the target and incentive at any time without giving any prior notice or any explanation for doing so incentives are subject to TDS and other taxes as per govt.norms.